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St.Lucian Fusion Supper Club

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

You’ve tasted my Fiji Fusion Menu so now for my St.Lucian Fusion Menu

Last year I announced to the World Wide Web my Fiji Fusion Supper Club Menu. Thankfully and with all things that got thrown at Hospitality, I was still able to not only take flight with my events but I also got to fly the flag and came down with a nice landing at the end of 2021. I was at full capacity with all my events and I also made an appearance on the Greenwich Maritime Radio 96.5 FM Breakfast Show and even got to join in with the name the age game. I got featured in The Last Word in the SE22 Magazine, I got invited to cook on the North Cross Road YouTube Video and then made the front cover of the Dulwich Diverter Newspaper in December.

WOW! What a year 2021 was for me.

For further information about all these listed, please see the foot of the page.

So now arriving in 2022, I have been lucky enough to have been booked for some private events at people's houses with my Fiji Fusion Menu but also during January I have been putting together my new menu and which I will be cooking at my future events in April, May and June.

My April and June events are already live on my website and May’s event, which is taking place back in East Dulwich, will be available soon.

This time my menu is called St.Lucian Fusion and over the next 3 events I will be cooking some signature dishes from the beautiful Island of St.Lucia in the Caribbean.

Before independence was won by The Brigands (freedom fighters) the Island was first governed seven times by the French and seven times by the English so therefore the menu will also feature flavours from all 3 countries.

My food influence came to me at an early age which was gifted from both my parents and I have to say, it was something quite special. I remember the aromas that leapt out at me when I entered through the front door to our humble abode in Murray Grove, Hoxton. The wafting and lingering of those smells that told you something good was going on in the kitchen and how those thoughts stayed in your mind throughout the day.

I was taught about spices by way of smells and how they changed the flavours of food. I learnt what to add and what not to add to change dishes in taste and flavour. Not only this but I was gifted with a mother that could bake and ice a cake for any occasion and so it seemed my destiny was to become a chef, although my mother had other ideas and wanted me to get into computers.

A bit about mum

My mum grew up in the town of Castries in St.Lucia before she made her way here to London in 1957.

Anything and everything my mum made with food was delicious and I am not one to make up a story just for the sake of it. Family and friends would flock to our family home to eat and drink on a regular basis and very much similar to that of a busy restaurant, and I am sure it was not only about my mums culinary delights but also it was because of her heart warming personality that would radiate to all who was in her company.

I was always asked to taste what was being cooked and also for my opinion and to this day the words still sound in my ears as both my parents would ask "Son, can you taste this for me... Is it good?” I must have been only about 14 years old and quite possibly even younger but I never said no because it was too good to refuse.

After the success of the Fiji Fusion Supper Club it is only right that I bring to the table the St.Lucian Fusion Supper Club. so it just leaves me to say thank you for taking your time to read and I hope that this short verse gives you some enlightenment into my big adventure with food.


Real Hoxton Chef

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