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Fiji Fusion Supper Club

So as we moved gracefully into August, I must give thanks to the past two months June and July, as I managed to produce 2 cracking events for my supper club.

As June came around, I was so glad to have got my event up and running again after so much time off, especially as though we were just coming out of lock down 4. My event space was at Park’s Edge Kitchen and Bar in Nunhead and is such a lovely restaurant. With a full house of 30 guests and having to still be Covid compliant, it was always touch and go, nonetheless I pushed on and it went ahead and all my guests who were in attendance were pleasantly surprised and the feedback I received was thumbs up and big smiles all round.

Moving into July I found myself having to move venues and lucky for me, I was able to return to 57 North Cross Road. Due to the event space being smaller it made for a much more cosy feel to the ambience of the evening and it was noted by some of my returning guests. Albeit with the smaller amount of space I had to reduce the amount of people that came to dine with me, hence to say it was another cracking night and a great success.

Also during the event, I had a film crew in, filming me in service which was great and the film will be on YouTube in the coming weeks.

Bringing you up to date and moving onward and upward I would like to bend your ear about my next event taking place this October. I have another new venue and one which holds the capacity of 50 guests. This will be the last time for a while that I will be presenting the Fiji Fusion menu so if you feel as though you missed out on the other occasions then please don't delay in booking for this one.

With the capacity set to 40 guests this time round, 20 places have already been filled and this is without any promotion from myself and not only that but it may be the last one from me for this year too, as I will be getting my head back into studying.

Thank you once again as I really appreciate you all joining me on this journey.


Real Hoxton Chef

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