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If you had joined me at any one of my supper clubs over the last 3 years, then I would like to show you my sincere gratitude for the time you have taken to come and dine with me and also for booking me as a private chef in your house, thank you so much.

So since my last Supper Club in 2022 I have been working on new menus and doing a bit of private cooking in peoples houses at private events as well as working on larger events with wedding planners.

If you would like to hire me as your private chef or are interested in holding an event then please click the link here.


I still aim to hold at least 1 Supper Club this year but as it takes so much time and energy, I am not sure that it will take place, but will stay positive.


I worked so hard the second half of last year that I have managed to take some time out so I can get my book finished.


Book You say!


Yes, my book, and I am happy to say that it is nearly finished and I hope to have it published this year.

My book is about all things Real Hoxton Chef and without giving away too much, it's not just a recipe book.


What I can tell you about though is myself & Becca have organised a couple of retreats that will take place in lovely new premises in the South East of England in Kent and if you are interested in attending or just inquisitive then click the link here.

Thank you and hope to see you somewhere soon.

Dave - Real Hoxton Chef

P.S Below are the menus that I have run over the last supper clubs.

Tribute Menu (1)_edited.jpg
Fiji Fusion New Event Addresses.png
Copy of St_edited_edited.jpg
No events at the moment
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